Course curriculum

What We will cover

    1. Let's get some basics

    2. Where do YOU need to start? (That's what we're here for)

    3. Are you lost? Are you found? Where do you stand? Let's find you

    1. A brief message from the Book Puma Founder (brief for me)

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. What is your WHY? This is a loaded question, let's dig in

    2. What brought you here? What are you looking for? What is your best outcome?

    3. How do we make this fun for you? How do we engage with you, so that you maximize your writing experience?

    4. Test your learning

    5. How did you do on that short test?

    6. I have an idea? What's next?

    7. I have a manuscript? What's the next step?

    8. Social media, is it really necessary?

    9. Intro Handout

    10. Review of where you stand

    1. What's next on this journey?

    2. What resources can we find?

    3. In closing - what comes next? How do I become a BEST-SELLING AUTHOR?

    4. Summary, what's next?

    1. What's the hardest part?

    2. What is all of this about? Book Puma and Blue Handle?

    3. Why Book Puma? That's what we're here for, standing in front of you.

    1. How does Charles start a story?

    2. Veritas 2019

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