Don't want to waste your time sending out a manuscript that's just going to get rejected?

This training will show you...

  • The percentage of manuscripts that get accepted versus rejected inside Blue Handle Publishing, and the chances of YOUR manuscript getting accepted compared to the industry standard - 2:07

  • If there are two manuscripts side-by-side, which one wins every time? Ricky spills the beans on how he compares the ones that cross his desk - 4:46

  • Ricky shares the one thing you need to know above all else. This is the part that, if you get it right, will make everything else easier. Because there will literally be no reason for them to say no to your manuscript! - 5:29

  • The first big mistake writers tend to make, and why it "sneaks" in right when they've just hit a big win - 5:56

  • A way to tell if beta readers are going to potentially mislead you with bad advice - 9:00

  • ...And that's just in the first 10 minutes! Ricky shared golden nuggets of wisdom for almost an hour, including an excellent Q&A with attendees

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