Course curriculum

    1. The truth about most novelists

    2. Beware: The most common source of misinformation

    3. Speed, longevity and being "active"

    4. Writing solo or writing with a team?

    5. Why writing and publishing are like baseball

    1. Impatience - helpful or harmful?

    2. Publishing your first novel vs. Writing under contract

    3. Going deeper with your tribe

    4. How much can you write a day?

    5. The power of "small" wins

    1. How to edit with precision

    2. Editing: One of the few undeniable truths

    3. There's one part NOBODY will do better than you (even if they try)

    4. How much editing is enough?

    5. What the various definitions of "editing" really mean

    6. Slideshow: Polishing your manuscript

    1. Can self-publishing be the answer?

    2. How to figure out the right publishing approach for you

    3. For publishers, one number matters most

    4. For writers, one number matters most

    5. The most important lesson I learned for selling books

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